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My name is Michael Falzone I live in Las Vegas.

 I have a father in Amherst New York that I just flew back to see as he is not doing well. My Dad is 88 years old and has been on dialyses for 5 years.

 While in the hospital my Dad contracted a nasty life threatening staff infection. They gave him Vancomycin a strong antibiotic to kill the bug. Unfortunately, he broke out in hives all over his body which was driving him crazy from the constant itching. The hospital gave him every thing including prescription strength cortisone cream but nothing helped.

 I called my friend at Terra-Pure and asked for an overnight delivery of his Relleev anti-itch product. Of course I did not believe his product would work after all of the products failed at the hospital but we were desperate to relieve my Dadís insane itching and was willing to give Relleev at try. After I received Relleev I sprayed it on my fatherís whole body. Much to my surprise the itching stopped. I sprayed him again the next  day he again stopped itching nothing in the world could I say to my friend at Terra-Pure to thank him enough for helping my Dad stop the insane itching.


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Last modified: 07/29/08