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A New breakthrough in chemical free cleaning.

  A multiple purpose cleaner for windows, mirrors, TV and computer monitors, granite, chrome, auto interiors, eye glasses, carpet stains, tile and porcelain, static eliminator.

     For home   For car & boat


Reduce chemicals in your baby's body and blood stream.


   A chemical free fabric softener. Protect your baby from harmful chemicals and get soft baby garments, and absorbent diapers, and towels. Baby Soft also helps prevents static and can be added directly to the wash cycle.


     Few if any wrinkles   and Soft



 An all natural conditioner that leaves all types of hair soft and shiney.

   Soften, condition and add shine to your hair without chemicals, excellent for all types of hair and color, natural or dyed.





DUST BRAKER Auto Rim Cleaner - 3 Products in one, clean, shine,    protect in one step! No water needed.

  The first Wheel cleaner you can just spray on and wipe clean to a shine. No garden hose rinsing needed. Leaves a great shine so there is no need to waste time and money polishing your rims. Dust Braker also helps prevent brake dust buildup so you do not have to clean your rims as often.


 Itching relief and reduces swelling!


    Relleev for itching provides relief without harmful chemicals. It also eliminates unsightly swelling from most insect bites. Relief from itching lasts for days. Relleev is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and is safe enough to use on any part of the body. Try Relleev for elimination of itching due to a variety of sources.

    Relleev for nasal congestion is non-habit forming and lasts long.




 Avoid pain pill addiction with The Solussion, effective and safe.   



    For bodily pain reduction or elimination, The Solussion has been used by many people for relief from such pain. The Solussion, like all of our products contains only food grade ingredients.







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Last modified: 07/29/08