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Relief from itching, and Relief from Nasal congestion -- all natural products. NO Questions asked money back guaranty.

  Non-greasy and odorless.

Spray on or spray and rub on affected area, may be applied to all parts of the body.  Works in about 1 minute lasts up to 48 hours, repeat as needed. Hypoallergenic, non-toxic. No animal testing involved. Ingredients are food grade safe.

Itching caused these sores, injections, pills and calamine lotion did not relieve the itching.

     Relleev stops the itching when nothing else did!






Avoid chemical dependence from ordinary nasal sprays, Relleev for a stuffy nose due to allergies is safe and effective relief.



 $7.95 plus shipping $5.95
Relleev for Itching & Swelling




Relleev for Itching 2 oz. Spray Bottle sku-10060



Relleev for Nasal Congestion 2 oz. Spray Bottle sku-10061


Plus shipping and handling $5.95 included in total.

Relleev by Terra-Pure a Division of Dust Braker, LLC


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Last modified: 07/29/08