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The Solussion

          Constant bodily pain is more than just annoying it can be life changing and totally debilitating. The Solussion has been used by many people to control or relieve their bodily pain. The Sollusion does not purport to treat or cure any disease but some users have achieved remarkable relief from pain when narcotic strength drugs have had marginal results.

         The Sollusion is made entirely from food grade substances with no known allergic reactions or side effects.  We at Terra-Pure wish to help relieve suffering and especially for those veterans who have served this country so well in times of war. We are offering a free sample of The Sollusion for a limited time for just the cost of shipping and handling to those who send us an email requesting a sample. Veterans may receive The Solussion free, for only the cost of shipping and handling, for a lifetime if needed and pain relief is suggested by their medical professional.

See Contact Us page to request your free sample.

We cannot promise results for all the myriad causes of pain, but we have been pleased at the results our customers have achieved. See testimonial page.

Whether you try our product now or in the future, we hope you will find a way to reduce or eliminate your pain and fully enjoy life.

One Bottle of The Solussion lasts for months. One dose usually provides relief for up to three full days so it is one of the most economical pain relievers on the market today. The Solussion retails for $39.95.


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Priority shipping & handling $9.95 included in total.


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Last modified: 07/29/08