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Dan from New Mexico

I have a skin disorder on my arms, knees, back, front torso and on my legs and knees. It has healed very little and doctors keep giving me salve that does not work. I is like a rash but with flakey skin. It starts with very painful bumps and then spreads. I’ve been using Udder Cream which keeps it from burning. When I take a shower in our chlorinated water it burns like mad and turns bright purple and then after time the discolor turns back to light red and the burning goes away. I do not know it this is diabetic related or not. It does not spread to other people but I'm tired of it. It itches continually and very irritating.

Hi Dan, I am just following up to see if you received my product and was able to test it on your condition?

I had sent you a thank you communiqué the day I received the product. It does help and I’m using it everyday. Between your product and the East Park Research d-lenolate and their Bazucar it appears that I am healing. It has been a terrible and irritable couple of years and now my nerves are not on edge all the time.


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Last modified: 07/29/08