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Rick Carpenter, Mooresville, NC

Rick, a NASCAR team member, gave Wonder Clean the acid test by spraying Wonder Clean on his black late model car in the blazing sun. To his surprise Wonder Clean did the job without haze or streaking.


May 7, 2007
 Dear Mr. Thorpe 

Having tested your product, Wonder Clean, for its cleaning ability on my late model black truck in the hot sun, I can categorically say

that the product worked as advertised. My truck was covered with dust and dirt and I used a spray bottle containing Wonder Clean to spray

a portion of the car in the bright hot sun. It was a hot North Carolina afternoon. To my surprise the product removed the dirt and did not leave

a haze or film.  The best part was no streaks at all! I did not pre-rinse or post-rinse the car but just sprayed it on directly out of the bottle and

wiped it off until the surface was completely dry.

Since I work for a top NASCAR team I fully plan on sharing this little cleaning secret with my team mates so we can use it to wipe down our 
race car prior to the start of the race! What a quick and easy way to clean our car in front of the fans eyes.  
The Wonder Clean did what you said it could do. 
Thank you for introducing me to your product. 

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Rick Carpenter
Mooresville, NC 




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Last modified: 07/29/08